ipCMS provides skills, resource, and expertise to help companies commercialise ideas and Intellectual Property (IP). The aim is always to get your new revenue generating products, or services, to market creating new, profitable, and sustainable business lines. 

We deliver practical marketing, product development, and business development resource to companies tackling the challenges of taking new opportunities into the key markets of today. Whether you are a startup, or an established business, we can help you. Whether it is getting your plans together, or resourcing it, and executing it together with you.  

We're not the type to take weeks analysing, and then tell you what you already know. We work with you to tackle your immediate challenges, selecting and applying the right skills and tools to address the issues, and areas where you need help. Typically we help companies to formalise their product and business strategy, and then move to the implementation phase. More often than not, we remain deeply involved while we get the 1st sales over the line, and as it transitions to become your new sustainable business. 

What Makes us Special?

Firstly, our practical experience in Integrated Product Development coupled with extensive commercial experience. Our approach always puts the your product, or service development front and centre. This integrated approach includes the analysis, and development of the necessary business, and commercial models that are essential for a positive outcome and creation of a truly scalable business.

Secondly, we can tap into skilled resources, and when necessary, an international network of business contacts across all the growth sectors  - Consumer electronics, Wireless, Mobile, Web, Social and Digital Media. More often than not, through our network of contacts we can help introduce you to your first customers, strategic partners, and even investors. 

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