Are we in the age of a new type of startup - or is it the same old story?


If you look to magazines like Wired, Mashable and others its the age of startups for sure! Never a day goes by without a swarm of 'wannabees'  chasing the holy grail and the badge of 'serial entrepreneur'. But is it an age of a new kind of startup? The number reaching the pinnacle of success ( i.e. profitable and scalable) are smaller than might be imagined. But realism, and drive,  and good process can be the making of many more company and individual successes. Nobody, least ipCMS will ever undermine enthusiasm and drive. But it takes individual honesty, between entrepreneur and co-workers,  and potential investors to really make things click. 

I believe that while technology and marketplaces change quickly, the underlying processes and capability of newer generations to do the right things in terms of product development and commercialisation, change at a far slower speed. There are for sure some incremental improvements in how people approach new product development and commercialisation, but underlying it all , the human improvement cycle is a lot slower at changing. After all we are all born as an empty canvas, so its not surprising that the same mistakes tend to be made time and time again. 

Whats great for me  is when you can deliver real and relevant experience, advice, and connections, to young entrepreneurs with a truly unique proposition, and watch them accelerate past the incumbents in the marketplace. Sometimes 800lb gorillas are just that! Too dumb and too slow! 

Such was the case with the two young founders Jonathan Reynolds and Dr Ben Medlock featured our case study of TouchType,  later to be called Swiftkey, after their stellar success with the application of that name. I fundamentally believe it was their ability to listen, and to assimilate experience from their competitors failings that has led them to their path of success. 

Asking the difficult questions is where its really at -  Whats my product solving or delivering to customers? Why will they use it or buy it? How much is it really going to cost to develop it? Whats the channel to market? Is it better that I partner with someone to access the market? ..... and so on. Its a constant, sometimes wearingly boring process. But the more you do it, the better you get. 

One thing we strive for at ipCMS is honesty. Honest questions that we will strive to help you answer or get you answers. 

Looking forward to many more rants. Feels like the old days!