ipCMS Launch new website and blog focussed on IP Commercialisation, Marketing and Sales


At last the covers are off! Welcome to the brand new ipCMS website and blog which is focussed on commercialisation of Intellectual Property and new business development. Not the most inspiring URL admittedly, but it covers so many bases and it has kind of stuck by now. Anyway, what’s in a name?

For 8 exciting years its been a case of working in stealth mode as a hired product and business development resource for some exciting people with great ideas, and some people with well lets face it .... some not so exciting ideas... or even good ideas but seemingly stubbornly determined to make the same unnecessary common mistakes evident in a lot of failed start-ups.

Today sees the launch of the public persona of ipCMS Ltd. Essentially the embodiment of all I have believed in since taking the plunge into the wide open spaces in 1994 when I left IBM to establish the Centre for Integrated Product Development for Scottish Design. Its been an enlightening road working in both public sector and private sector domains. Since then its been a roller coaster across various markets ranging from Semiconductor IP, Internet Trading Exchange Development, Embedded Software for Smartphone, Dating Applications on Mobile, Social Media Networks and Digital Media. Who knows what next.    

I'm pleased to say that one thing has been consistent, and that has been the influence that an early publication Integrated Product Development by M. M. Andreasen and L. Hein, played in the formulation of my approach to commercialisation and business. There isn't just design , there isn't just product development, there isn't just manufacturing, sales, marketing etc. It's all part of what Andreasen referred to as Integrated Product Development. Its a team approach, with collective expertise required to get it right across all fronts - concept, market, design, production, marketing and sales. This basic philosophy is echoed across most of todays evangelistic business material, but in essence they are from the same core principle expressed by Andreason.  

So take heed. Engage in an integrated approach at the earliest stage of commercialisation of ideas and Intellectual Property. If not, you are likely going to fail, or its going to cost you a hell of a lot of money to get that scalable profitable business in your lifetime.