ipCMS Ltd.  specialise in the management of innovation and technology commercialisation. We believe that sustainable businesses are built round good design and development practises. Without those in place success will elude you.  We preach integrated product development best-practise. 

Commercialization defines the whole process of introducing a new product or service, into the market. It is not to be confused with ongoing sales, marketing and product development. Too often businesses find themselves struggling to take their proposition from concept and first tentative sale, and cross the chasm to achieve real traction in the market. Often this occurs, because they have not fully thought out their proposition, planned carefully for the road ahead to a scaleable and manageable business. 

Marketing is all about getting the product proposition right. Defining the business model, setting the price, and understanding why there is a need, or why a customer will pay. Then clearly articulating that to your target audience. Not so easy unless you ask the right questions of yourself, your intended customers, and the marketplace. We help business take a 360 degree look at their proposition, and articulate exactly what it means for their target customers, stakeholders, investors, and even partners. We work with our clients closely to gain a deep enough understanding of the product,  and the intended customers, so we can help them refine the answers to these questions. 

Sales drive the bottom line of every business. But with a new business or product idea, getting that first one over the line, is usually the difference between success or failure. For a start-up it can be even more critical. Its needed before you go for series levels of investment. Getting the business model right, identifying and targeting the first potential customers,  and working out the way in is critical. Leading the push to get the first customers over the line is where we excel. By getting onboard, we are able to be your business development team.